Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random News (mostly tech related)

News item the first:  I finally got around to designing and printing my business cards.  We recently got a new printer.  The old one (an Epson C60) had been with us for over 7 years.  An eternity when it comes to printers.  But, it finally kinda, sorta printed its last page.  Not that you could read it.  The new one is a combination printer/copier/scanner in one from Lexmark.  The reviews are not all in.  Suffice it to say I was less than impressed yesterday.

News item the second:  If I didn't have enough fun getting the new printer, whom I will call Lex from now on, to spit out a few measly business cards; I sure had fun getting him to play with the heavier, shiny paper I got for ball bands for my yarn.  But I was triumphant!  So, I now have business cards AND proper labels for my wares.

News item the third:  I learned how to forward my URL.  Then, I bought three more!  I don't like GoDaddy's television ads but they have great prices and great customer service!  So, now you don't have to remember the (dot) blogspot or (dot) etsy part of my addresses.  Just type in "dyedbrighthere" and then hold down the [control] key when you hit [enter] and you will come straight here.  The same goes for "brighteyeddyer".  Then, you can read the latest or jump to the shop from the lovely ad (showing my latest yarns) at the top of the page.  So simple.  So clean.  So fun.

Before I move on I have to give a shout-out to @Beadalicious who gave me the idea of  forwarding and then the means to do it by linking  here.

News item the fourth:  I have been adding blogs to the "Blog Roll of Awesomeness" (on the right side of the page and down a little bit).  Yes, I have read all of these.  Not everyday.  Not all at one time.  There are a few notes on criteria.  First of all, if you haven't published an update in 2010 you will not be included (come on people, we're talking in the last three months!).  If I find your stuff to be offensive or distasteful TO ME (and I have a pretty high threshold for tacky and tasteless) then I will not be including it.  I say these things on the off chance that I chose to not include someone after they ask to be put on.  I doubt it will happen but what it comes down to is this is MY space.  I would love to give you a wee bit of free advertising on my space so leave a comment pointing me in the right direction!

Lastly: In knitting related news I am starting to knit sample things from my High Society Sock Yarn.  I had never had enough of my own stuff to knit samples before.  Every once in a while I would dye something just for myself but I usually didn't repeat the colors.  I'm falling in love with these colors in whole new ways!  It's one thing to like the colors in a skein of yarn, but every knitter knows that it is a totally different animal as you knit it and after you have knitted it.  Sometimes the yarn that you swooned over in the shop or at the festival just lets you down on the needles.  It doesn't mean to.  It's trying to live up to your outrageous expectations of delusional happiness.  But, alas, it happens.  I am having the opposite experience and I couldn't be more thrilled!  I picked up a skein of "Early Autumn" figuring I would see what it does in the pooling department because, honestly, it is my least favorite of my colors.  Or, I should say, WAS my least favorite...  Here's a picture of the first sock in progress.

This sock is actually done now.  I've just been too lazy busy to take a proper picture of it.  I'm working on sock number two and hoping I can get three socks (they're short) out of a skein so that I can gift a pair of them to a friend of mine that I promised socks to and then use the third one as a sample.  I also am working on a few ideas of other things that I can make as samples out of some of the other colors...

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