Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Updates (Lovelyarns #1 & Yarn Garden)

Just a couple of quick updates.  No new photos today.  The next post will be loaded though, I promise.

Balticon came and went.  I didn't do any posts here or anywhere for that matter because it was such a whirlwind of people, experiences, and ideas.  I didn't want to analyze it to death or dwell on it.  It was an amazing experience that I will always remember fondly.  Next year I think I will be better prepared for the wonderfully intense madness that is Balticon and will be able to tell you all about it. Or, better yet, join me there!  (Memorial Day weekend.)

The Balticon Limited Edition Colorways were a huge success.  I have already had requests to use certain books for the inspiration for next year's colors.  I'm keeping them in mind...  

The first Limited Edition Colorway for a yarn shop is about to leave Dyed Bright Here...

The shop colors at Lovelyarns in Baltimore are a soft mint green, and lavender.  Sue Caldwell, the owner of Lovelyarns, wanted her first LE yarn to reflect these colors that are so special to her and the shop and also chose to add a bit of turquoise for some punch.  So, with those things (and some photos of the shop for reference) I went into the dye kitchen and cooked up some yarn goodness.  I created a new lavender (named Lovely rather appropriately) that I hadn't used before and then created "Lovelyarns #1.  It will be shipping out in the next few days.

Please join me in welcoming The Yarn Garden of Carlisle to the Dyed Bright Here family of shops!!  Hillary and Jill are the owners of this shop.  They are located on the beautiful, tree-lined West Pomfret Street in the Historic District of downtown Carlisle, PA.  This street is full of wonderful, artsy, little shops, cafes, and restaurants in reclaimed historic buildings (check out the renovated fire station a couple of doors down from them--exquisite architecture).  Besides being able to snag the most amazing yarns here (including mine in about a week), you can find one-of-a-kind creations by all sorts of artists in the wonderful gallery-like shops.

This shop is special to me for a couple of reasons.  First, this was one of the very first local yarn shops I discovered in the area and without a doubt the one that made me feel the most welcome.  The atmosphere here is bright, sophisticated, cheerful, welcoming, and laid-back.  Their inventory covers the full range of anything and everything a knitter could ever want in terms of types of yarns, fibers, colors, and prices and is displayed in such a way as to be beautiful and inviting without making the shop feel cluttered.  You can breathe here, create here, relax here.  Secondly, Hillary was the first person to encourage me to sell to yarn shops.  Her encouragement has meant the world to me.

That's it for updates...I need to get back to the dyes...

Next post will be mostly pictures....I'll show you Lovelyarns #1...  I know you are going to love it.  Remember though, it's a Limited Edition.  Only a certain number of skeins will be dyed this gorgeous colorway and it will only be available at Lovelyarns in Baltimore (though if you don't live near there, I'm sure Sue would be willing to take an order on her website and mail some to you).

Oh, and I'm working on some new colorways for Fall.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Firsts / Lovelyarns

Firsts are always so special. 

As a kid life was about 'firsts'.  My first pet that I picked out (the first dog was there before I was).  My first two-wheeler.  My first 8-track player (ok, so I'm dating myself with that one).  My first slumber party.

As a teenager the firsts become more important (and sweeter).  First kiss.  First slow dance.  First summer away from home at sleep-away camp.  First piano recital.  First gig playing in a band.  First horse show.  First bad fall.  First blue ribbon. First serious boyfriend.  First car that was 'mine' (not really but it was mine to drive).  First.... (yeah, not spelling this one out--use your imagination).  First job (besides babysitting, petsitting, or housesitting). First Penn State home football game sitting in the student section.  First big failure.  First time learning failures can be the best thing to happen to you. 

As a young adult/married person/parent the firsts kept coming.  First marriage (only marriage so far).  First house.  First child.  All the firsts that a child brings, three times over.

I had thought that after the kids there wouldn't be many more firsts.  Not of the special variety.  Call me crazy but when I'm old enough to join AARP or collect Social Security I don't think those are going to qualify for this category.  Turns out that I was wrong.  Very wrong.

After living through the first time (hopefully only time) I was laid off, I have been racking up some more firsts.  My first Etsy shop.  First online sale.  First group of poetry.  First piece of fiction (however brief). First Balticon.  And now...drum-roll please...my first wholesale customer.

Lovelyarns in Baltimore and the lovely owner, Sue Caldwell, became my official first client this past week.  When I delivered the first order to the shop I took my camera along (when don't I have it with me?) and took some photos to share with you.

Even if Lovelyarns were not carrying my yarns and holding a special place in my heart for that reason, it would still be a favorite destination.  The shop lives up to it's name and then some!  If you are anywhere near the Baltimore area, please stop in and visit, it's well worth the trip.  Oh, and say, "Hi", to the High Society Sock Yarn from Dyed Bright Here for me.

846 W. 36th Street      Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 662 - YARN (9276)
Email: lovelyarns@verizon.net

Owner: Sue Caldwell

Store Hours
Closed Mon & Tues
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00--5:30
Saturday 11:00--6:00
Sunday 11:00--4:00

Beautiful from first glance..

The front porch offers a beautiful place to sit and knit while people watching.

Artwork of all kinds displayed everywhere...

You start to realize this is not your average yarn shop when you see that the tree out front has been 'tagged'.  But, not with spray paint.  With knitwear!! 

This is all the invitation I would need to sit and knit a while.

Beautiful displays of yarn, finished items, swatches everywhere.

Even the shawl pins are works of art.

See the itty-bitty socks?  How cool is that?  Sue knits them so that customers can see how the yarn will look when it is knit up.

I love to see men knitting.  Years ago the knitting guilds were exclusively male.  It was only when the machine came along and hand knitters were no longer 'neccessary' that the men turned to other pursuits and 'let' the women take it up.  Few men today realize this.  If they would only try it they would understand how it can relax you and at the same time challenge your creativity and math and construction skills as well.

My friend, Kee, went with me when I delivered the first order to the shop.

The owner, Sue Caldwell.  It was damn difficult to get a picture of her...she never sits still.  While we were there she was constantly helping customers decide which yarns to use, which patterns, showing us the various things in the shop...

The shop even has these awesome T's.  Yes, Sue.  You and your wonderful shop do INDEED rock!!