Thursday, December 23, 2010


Some of the things I am currently working on at Dyed Bright Here:

I am still dyeing all of the individual colors a little bit at a time. I have at present count 38 individual colors to mix and play with to create my colorways. As of today, I have 19 of them dyed individually and have started the first swatch. I currently call them by the name the dye manufacturer gave each of the dyes. I am thinking of re-naming them. The dye may be called Kelly Green but on my yarn, I see it as "Jealousy". That way, once the project is completed when someone wants to mix their own colorway together it might be a mix of Love, Lust, Hope, and Faith.  

I also have a few colorways in mind that I haven't translated onto the yarn yet. So far the list includes:

Wild Woman--Purple, orange, sky blue, and ?
Brains--Pastel pink and grey
Oh, Baby!--typical baby colors, light blue, pink, lavender, mint green, maybe yellow
Swamp Thing--browns, dark greens, black

And then there's the upcoming LE colorways for Balticon 45 in 2011.

And, finally, some monochromatic colorways. 

The holiday season is currently squashing most of us under its big, green, hairy thumb (myself included). I hope you have a moment to sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy all the wonderful colors of the season. Here's wishing you a safe, happy, healthy, and colorful holiday.  See you in 2011.