Sunday, May 23, 2010

Availability Update on the Limited Edition Balticon Colorways

First, I need to say, "Thank you" to everyone who has pre-ordered the Balticon colors.  Reserve listing have been created for each of those purchases.  All the pre-orders will be delivered at Balticon.  I'll figure out exactly where/when we can get together for that once I get to the hotel and get the lay-of-the-land.  Besides, you all know where to find me on twitter...if you want to send me a DM with your location when you get there that would be great!

If you haven't paid for your pre-orders yet, I ask that you do so before Wed 5/26 midnight.  That will let me close the books on the pre-orders in time to bring them with me for delivery.  To access and pay for your order, click on the link for my Etsy shop at the top of the page.  Once there, if you don't already have a profile set up on Etsy, you will need to do that.  It is easy and painless. Once you have your profile established and are in my shop, on the right hand side there is a list of categories of items for sale.  Click on "Reserve Listings".  Look for the listing that says, "Reserved for __________".  Find the one with your name on it, add to cart, and proceed to checkout.  You can use either an already funded PayPal account or a regular bank card through PayPal.

Again, thank you so much for your orders.  I can't wait for you to see your special yarn.

I will be driving to Lovelyarns in Baltimore Friday afternoon, around or just after lunch time.  If you would like to come along to see this wonderful shop and/or to help me celebrate the delivery of my first sale to a yarn shop I would love to have the company!  If you think you might be interested let me know and we can work out logistics.  My momvan seats eight so there is plenty of room!  

If you are thinking about getting some of the Balticon colors but haven't made up your mind yet, I will be bringing the remaining inventory (along with my regular inventory) with me to Balticon.

As of this moment, here is what is still available in the Limited Edition Balticon Colorways:

2 skeins of "Flirty Girl"

2 skeins of "Cooley (the Fiend)"

2 skeins of "Geist"

1 skein of "Scouts"

Morevi is sold out

If you have already purchased a skein of your favorite color and want to get a second (and third) of the same color, now is the time.  Additional skeins are each $20.

I know I've already said this a couple of times, but thank you for your orders.  Thank you for all of the support you have all shown me not just with this, but with everything. You are each part of an amazing community of people that I am humbled and honored to have met.  And, I can't wait to finally meet you all in person!!  Only 5 more days!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing the Limited Edition Colorways for Balticon 2010

I have found a new and exciting way to amuse myself  stretch my wings as a dyer  colaborate with some awesome people and create cool new colorways in the process.  I will be creating limited edition colorways with the yarn shop owners for each season.  As a prequel to that adventure, a warm up if you will, I decided to create some unique colorways for the upcoming Balticon convention that I will be attending Memorial Day weekend outside of Baltimore.

I decided to use different genres of writing as the inspirational starting point.  Eventually, I also ended up using some specific authors and specific books for inspiration.  In some cases I had input from the authors themselves. In others from friends of the author.  These were in some cases surprises.

The surprises have all been reveled and it is time to unveil these to all... drum-roll please...

Introducing the Limited Edition High Society Sock Yarn Colorways of....

Balticon 2010

They are (from left to right): Flirty Girl, Cooley (The Fiend), Geist, Morevi, and Scouts.  Further information on each color (as well as lots of photographs) can be found on the Balticon colorway page.  There is a link at the top of the blog or you can click HERE.

I will be taking pre-orders from Balticon participants first, selling them at Balticon, and if there is any stock left and further interest selling them in my shop after that.

Because these are for a special event, I will have special pricing.  And, because there is a limited quantity available I am going to limit purchases to one skein of a particular colorway until after Balticon.  Once the convention is over I will entertain any questions about availability.  In the meantime, here are the prices for Balticon participants:

One colorway, $20/skein = $20
Two colorways, $18/skein = $36
Three colorways, $16/skein = $48
Four colorways, $14/skein = $56
Complete set of all five colorways, $12/skein = $60

Regular retail price for my sock yarn is $22/skein.  So, you can save almost 50% on the complete set!

So, if you will be attending Balticon and would like to purchase any of these for yourself or a knitter in your life, either send me a DM on Twitter (@BrightEyedDyer) or send an email to me at  I will get the information from you and set up a special listing for you in my Etsy store.  All yarns will be delivered at Balticon.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Day Only Sale Today

One day only sale today at Dyed Bright Here!!
 The more you buy, the more you save.

All discounts will be given in the form of a refund through PayPal within 24 hours of your transaction. The percentage off amount is calculated and subtracted before any shipping charges are calculated and added. Here's how the discounts will work:

Purchase 1 item and get 25% OFF your total order!

Purchase 2 items and get 30% OFF your total order!!

Purchase 3 items and get 35% OFF your total order!!!

Purchase 4 items and get 40% OFF your total order !!!!

Purchase 5 items and get 45% OFF your total order!!!!!

Purchase 6 or more items and get 50% OFF your total order!!!!!!

The quantities available for each color have been updated. All available stock is here so grab it quickly before they are gone.

If you have any questions either send me a convo through Etsy, a DM on Twitter (@BrightEyedDyer) or an e-mail (

Thank you for stopping by today!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Colors of My Friends

This was originally posted at MoreYarnForMe and is cross-posted here.

Color, tint, and shade
thought, emotion, subtlety
colors of a friend.

Broad sweeping brush stroke
painting pictures of my friends
I need more colors.

One is rich and deep
many layers, mostly blues
subtlety of wit.

Flashes of brilliance
and vulnerability
within the layers.

Blues don't excite me
not usually that is
this one is special.

Something about those
layers where life and love lay
in between those blues.

Desert, mountains, air
the color of a deep breath
fire in a soul.

Bold strokes friend of blue
hide the subtlety of you
and so I love you.

This friend I must paint
quickly for he's seldom still
a kaleidoscope.

Colors tumble round
bright, vibrant, colors moving
showing me so much.

Colors of love, lust
mixed with loss, and pain, and hurt
hope and joy there too.

Colors of friendship
strong, deep, safe, gentle brother
jewel tones for you.

For this friend-purple
one of my favorite hues
fit for gods and kings.

A nobility
graceful gentleness, kind heart
described in this hue.

Mischief is here too
the colors of a deep laugh
shading of a smile.

An honest brush stroke
faithfulness above all else
is painted here too. 

The colors of you
make you so special to me
you make me stronger. 

Some friends I hold tight
afraid of my own shadow
relying on them.

They are gracious, kind
patient when I cling too tight
they teach me to fly.

As I spread my wings
I see the colors of them
have rubbed off on me. 

Many friends are new
many colors still hidden
takes time to see you.

But in each, "Hello"
each glance, word, kiss, and embrace
I see more colors.

As you reveal you
add more color to canvas
my love for you grows.

I immerse myself in you
swirl your colors around me
loving learning you.

And in learning you
I find wisdom about me
painting both of us.