Sunday, April 24, 2011

Artists inspiring other artists

It seems like there are a lot of artists out there but that's because so many of the people I know and love are artists of one sort or another. I think the truth is that artists might make up 10-15% of the general population but that is just a guess. I have not done any sort of actual research into this. I base this on things I notice when I am out and about in the world (at work, at the gym, out shopping). I am always surprised by people's reactions when they find out that I am an artist. They look at me like they are waiting for my other head to rise up out of my neck or shoulders. 

I mention this because I tend to forget that most people don't immerse themselves in art and the creative processes each and every day. Those are things I am beginning to take for granted. Thankfully. I no longer push those sorts of thoughts to the back of my brain. Now, I make sure that color, poetry, writing, and art are part of my everyday routine. And in doing so, I am talking to other artists every day--writers, photographers, cartoonists, graphic designers, other fiber artists, textile designers, knitters, musicians.  I am reading and listening to and observing their works. Their presence in my life pushes me to grow as an artist. 

I believe very strongly in artists helping other artists. Often this takes the form of doing what I can to help spread the word of their available works. Tweeting and re-tweeting PR stuff, links, liking and sharing on FB. But sometimes this also means being inspired by their works; translating their vision into my artistic language. That is how the Balticon colorways came to be. 

As an artist, I have my own favorite colors. I have traditional inspirational sources (nature in particular). But I found in thinking about paying homage to friends who are also creators (in this case, writers and podcasters) that I was forced to stretch my imagination and think about things in a different way. When you read a story, sometimes (as in the case of Alex White's "Gearheart") the author has included colorful descriptions; other times, there are integral elements of the story that evoke colors (as is the case in Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris's "Phoenix Rising").  Listening to the podcast versions of some of these also adds the element of voice and music. All of these things--words, voices, sounds--all blend together to give the person experiencing the work a particular feeling. It was that feeling that I wanted to capture, or translate, into color. My medium is fiber. Sock yarn specifically. 

The person who then buys these yarns that I have created based on my friends' works is then the next link in this chain of creativity. For then, you see, they will use my creations to make their own creations; perhaps socks, maybe gloves or gauntlets, or even a scarf or lacy shawl. What they make doesn't matter. That they create is what matters. Artists inspiring other artists inspiring even more artists...

If you are not already familiar with the works that I have used as inspiration for this series of colorways, please click on the links on the Balticon 2011 page and check out these amazing artists and their works. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Balticon Pricing

Girls' Rules as dyed on Twitpic

If it pleases the royal court, may I present "Empress Sw... on Twitpic

These are the first photos of "Girls' Rules (top) and "Empress Sword (bottom). They are the next two LE Balticon colorways.

I have worked out the pricing for the Balticon colorways. As of right now, I am planning on doing 8 different colors. Last year I did 5. Similarly to last year, orders will initially be limited to just one skein of each color until a specific date. After that time, if any skeins are still available I will sell them without restriction. All colors will be first come first serve and they will be able to be pre-ordered starting some time in May. The date will be decided shortly. For now, here is the pricing structure. I am once again offering some pretty sweet deals for those of you interested in more than just one color.

One color $22
Two colors $20 each for a total of $40 and a savings of $4
Three colors $19 each for a total of $57 and a savings of $9
Four colors $18 each for a total of $72 and a savings of $16
Five colors $17 each for a total of $85 and a savings of $25 
Six colors $16 each for a total of $96 and a savings of $36
Seven colors $15 each for a total of $105 and a savings of $49

All eight colors at $14 each for a total of $112 and a whopping savings of $64 off my regular retail prices!!  That's almost like getting 3 skeins for free!

So, keep watching this space. I will be dyeing more of these special colorways each week now that Balticon is just around the corner. Once they are all dyed I will be reskeining and photographing them and creating the special colorway page for this year and then it will be time for the pre-orders. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to get your order in before the con and I will again hand deliver them at Balticon for those of you that will be attending.