Monday, March 15, 2010

Dyer's Notes: Marina del Ray, Opening Night, and New Money

Marina del Ray and Opening Night are very similar in many ways.  They have two main colors in common (Turquoise and Green) as well as some little bits of highlighting that are similar in spots (orange, pink).  However, where Marina is mostly turquoise and green with the highlights, Opening Night is turquoise, green, blue, and purple with larger sections of "splash" and the splash is less blended.  In these cases the splash is fuchsia and yellow and the resulting peach/orange.  They would work well together because of their similarities but they are two very different individuals.  Sort of sisters a few years apart.  Marina is on the left, Opening Night is on the right.

I have included New Money in the comparison equation because she is the other yarn that I have at the moment that falls in the green part of the color wheel.  She is the aloof much older sister to these two.  All the colors used for her are in the yellow and green family.  Just so you can get an idea of how they all stack up against one another, here is a photo of all three.  New Money has weaseled her way in between her younger siblings in an attempt to be the center of attention...

Next post: comparing Polo Ponies to Uptown Girl (they have two distinctive colors in common)...

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