Friday, March 26, 2010

Desire and Spring Fling (new sock yarn colors)

These last two colors bring the total number of colorways up to 15.  I think that is a good place to stop momentarily.  Besides, I need to place another yarn order.  Funny how those work together like that.  

My favorite colors are (usually) the warmer ones like red and purple.  So, that I created a colorway like Desire with multiple reds, pink, and orange does not surprise me.  What I find amazing is the way the colors harmonize together.  When I was dying the yarn--I liked these colors.  When I was rinsing the yarn--I loved these colors.  When the yarn was dry--I was smitten.  Desire.


Spring Fling seemed to happen of its own accord.  I'm guessing that the gorgeous weather we had last weekend was stuck in my mind.  It was a grey and drizzling rainy kind of day I dyed it.  It reminds me not just of spring in general but more specifically of some of the daffodil varieties.  You know, the ones that have the apricot colored centers instead of being all yellow.  

Spring Fling

These are both available in my shop (banner links are at top and bottom of the page).  And will join the other High Society Sock Yarn colors on that page shortly.  

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  1. Loved Desire, you have me thinking about pulling out my knitting needles now, especially since I am expecting a granddaughter