Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dyer's Notes:Polo Ponies and Georgia Peach

I knew ahead of time some of the colors I was going to be dying.  The first one on my list was Sophisticated Schoolgirl.  I have dyed this color twice before and sold it instantaneously.

Then, I knew I wanted to do a masculine, darker yarn.  The last two pair of socks that I have made for Addison have been with these warm brown sort-of mixtures.  When I was deciding which colors to use for this, I was reminded of horse colors.  Chestnut, brown, black, bay.  And so they named themselves.  I liked this color combination in theory but the reality of how they turned out exceded my expectations.  I love the dark purple quality of this yarn and can't wait to see how the colors play off of each other when knit up!

But the biggest surprise for me was Georgia Peach.  Someone had commented that the color they most wanted to see was peach.  Since I don't have a specific peach colored dye I made my own (yes, I take notes so I can do it again).  A few of the skeins were dyed in a kettle manner rather than being painted.  This color was one of the kettle ones.  I used the dye in a very diluted concentration and then added some of the full strength as well as some pink selectively.  Now, while I love the color pink, I am not a pastel person.  Nor am I usually wowed by the color peach.  But, I've got to tell you, I am smitten with this color.  Somehow, it is rich and yet subtle at the same time.  I'm not sure that's really possible but there you have it.

Next up: Early Autumn and Summer garden

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