Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Trusty Assistant

Just a few new photos of my 'trusty' assistant, Jaspurr.  He's trusty alright.  You can trust that if you touch the ball winder or swift (both conveniently next to the comfy recliner in the family room) that he will be there.  I like to say that he comes running to the sound of the swift and ball winder the way most cats come running when you touch a can opener.  He is just suddenly there.  He is particularly fond of photo shoots because I prefer to shoot in natural light (cat translation: wherever Mommy is working there is warm sun to lay in) and because there is yarn involved (cat translation: no need to go look for toys or trouble, Mommy has the good stuff with her).

That's my boy!  I just wish I could find a way to get him to like 'crap' acrylic or cotton.  He's become a bigger yarn snob than me (that's saying something!).  His favorite is handspun (of course) followed closely by alpaca, angora, and expensive wool blends.  I should probably be flattered that he goes after my sock yarn.  

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