Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Just two days left for my sale!

Today everything in the shop is 45% OFF

Tomorrow will be the last day and everything will be 50% OFF

Keep in mind that there are three colorways that only have 1 skein left; First Kiss, Rhinebeck, and Zombies.

Also keep in mind that there are three colorways that only have 2 skeins left; Bumble Bee, Polo Ponies, and Spring Fling.

So, the question is: If you love any of these colorways, do you grab it today before it is gone? Or do you wait till tomorrow for the bigger discount and risk the color already being sold out?  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

Either way, happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colors Available

In yesterday's post I outlined what colors were going fast (or in many cases now, already gone). Today, I'm going to focus on what is available.

The discount in my shop today is 35%.  It will go up to 40% tomorrow, 45% Thursday, and 50% on Friday. The catch to a sale like this is the availability of the stock on hand... you have to decide where you draw the line between loving a particular color and how big a bargain you need/want.  Even at just 35% off these are some great deals!

Here is the rundown of what is currently in the shop:

There is just ONE skein left of:

First Kiss



There are TWO skeins left of:

Bumble Bee

Polo Ponies

Spring Fling

There are THREE skeins available of:


Early Autumn

Primary Race

Punkin Baby

There are FOUR skeins available of:

Calico Cat



And FIVE skeins of Hayride.

There you have it... If you are looking to do a project that is larger than the usual pair of socks this information will hopefully help you decide on a color.  Something to keep in mind if you like my colors but want to make something heavier; my sock yarn held double will work as a worsted weight. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sale Update

First of all, a HUGE
to everyone who has visited the shop lately and/or bought some of my creations. I appreciate your business.

Now, for an update on what is still available:

The discontinued and OOAK listings are all sold. 

I am OUT of STOCK on the following colorways:
Island Breeze
Marina del Ray
Mixed Berries
Opening Night
Sophisticated Schoolgirl
Uptown Girl

Today everything is 40% OFF.  Tomorrow it will go down to 35% OFF.  Then, it will start climbing again and will be back up to 50% OFF one more time on Friday.  The catch, however, is color availability...if you wait till Friday, will that colorway you are dying to try still be in the shop?  To help you make your decision of whether to buy now or wait, here is a list (with pics of course) of the colorways of which I only have one or two skeins still in stock.


First Kiss




Bumble Bee

Polo Ponies

Spring Fling

Once again, thank you very much if you have even stopped by the shop lately.  If you have a particular color or colorway in mind and don't see it in the shop; send me an email (Dyed Bright Here (all one word) AT G mail dot com--you know how to type it, the strangeness here is to avoid bot spam) or send me a tweet.  I am the @BrightEyedDyer on Twitter.  I will also do custom colors for you if you have a favorite sports team or want something in your school colors, or just want to pick your favorite colors.

Friday, September 24, 2010

HUGE Fall Sale!!

Hold on to your we go...

It's time for a HUGE sale at Dyed Bright Here!  Why?  Because I have too much inspiration for cool new colors and only so much space for inventory.  So, before I can go back to my beloved bottles of outrageous color and cook up some more insanity I need to clear out some of this sock yarn.

There is no limit to how many skeins you can buy.  I will also be updating the quantities available to accurately reflect my inventory. 

Sales dates and discount percentages are (OOAK and Special Clearance listings are NOT included):

Sat. 9/25      50% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Sun 9/26      45% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Mon 9/27     40% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Tues 9/28    35% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Wed 9/29    40% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Thurs 9/30  45% OFF 
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Fri 10/1       50% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Here's how the sale is going to work:

I have decided to change the prices in the shop rather than do discounts by refund through PayPal only because either way it's work but if I do it as a refund that means that you have to have funds available for the full regular price which can be difficult sometimes.  So, I will be changing the prices for all of the items in the shop each day.  For that reason, I will take the shop down at 8:00am est each day to do the maintenance.  I don't know yet how long that will take exactly but it will be back up by 10:00am est at the latest (hopefully a lot sooner).

In case you are curious what new color projects I am impatiently waiting to start; some of the colorway ideas go with names like:

Brains (light pink and light grey)
Zombie Food (same as Brains plus red, black, green)
Rot (black, brown, green)

Yes, my horror writing friends have WAY too much influence over my thoughts lately. However, there is also:

Cotton Candy (pink, blue, teal)
Oh Baby (typical pastel baby colors of pink, blue, yellow, green)

And, I am thinking of doing some little skeins of solid colors to use for toe/heel/cuff accents or to do your own stripes, or for faire isle in combination with the variegated colors.

So you see, my friends, I REALLY need to move the skeins of coolness that are currently overflowing my work space so I can play in the dye and make skeins of crazy coolness!

Welcoming Knitting Weather!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Hands down, no hesitation whatsoever, the best. Always has been. Even long before I picked up some sticks, some string, a book, and an obsession or three.  Now that I am a Knitter, my love for all things Autumnal has only grown.  I think most of us knit year round.  I don't know about you, but for me, in the warmer months I knit socks with itty-bitty cuffs.  When I knit at all.  As soon as that first cool day happens my inner knitting alarm goes off and look out wool here I come.  I know the weather will undoubtably become warm again off and on for a few weeks yet.  I couldn't care less.  Mother nature has tipped her hand and I know cooler days and nights are coming.

I tend to think of September and the beginning of Fall as the new year.  I guess that comes from all those years of school; first as a kid myself and now as a parent.  Time to clean out the closets, see what is still servicable (and still fits), time to fill in the gaps with new things.

So, I am cleaning out some of colors that either haven't sold very well in the past, or that I don't want to dye any more of for whatever reason.  In doing that, I am making room for the new colors that I have had so much fun creating over the past couple of weeks.  I have put on sale some really great deals so that I can free up more room.  I'm itching to try some more new dyeing ideas that I think you will really like.

There are two OOAK listings still up in the shop as well as seven skeins of discontinued colorways of my sock yarn.  My High Society Sock Yarn currently retails for $22.   The discontinued colorways are priced at $10.  As of right now, there are two skeins each of Georgia Peach, New Money, and Summer Garden, and one skein of Blue Skies.  Two skeins is more than enough yardage to make a really nice shawl; for less than the cost of one regularly priced skein.  So, if you are in the mood for a bargain, check it out.

The clearance and special listings are just the tip of the iceberg though.  The real fun will start this Saturday (9/25/2010 at 10:00 am est) and will continue through Friday (10/1/2010 midnight est).  I will put the details in my next post and it should be up sometime in the next hour or so....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dyeing Jag--Part 2

My last post revealed the first 5 colors from my "dyeing jag" of the previous week.  Today's post is to reveal the last 5.  After those first colors, which in many ways were related, things got much more random...

The next color is "Island Breeze".  At this point in the dying I started looking at the colors I had and thinking, "Hmmm....what color am I missing today?"  Turquoise and blue came to mind first...

Island Breeze

After that, was still jonesing for more turquoise and I'll always be in favor of more fuchsia.  So, "First Kiss" came to be.

First Kiss

At that point, I needed to go a little darker and definitely needed some red.  "Patriot" is a mix of 4 reds, 4 blues, and the tiniest bit of white occassionally left in as well.


After "Patriot" I was still looking for some red and blue but wanted to go a bit darker.  I also wanted to use some of the colors I hadn't used much of lately.  So, I used olive green, spruce, navy blue, and crimson.  It was starting to get dark outside when I hung it up to dry.  All I could think initially was that it reminded me of night.  Except for the dark red.  Blood?  And what about the slightly icky quality of the olive green?  Zombies!!  This must be a sign that I am hanging out with some strange people (or great people who just happen to write some really twisted, sick, and messed up stuff) way too much.


And finally, one of my colors that I love and want to play around with some more is "Desire".  It has eight colors in it but the ones that always strike me the most are where the fuchsia blends into the sky blue, burnt orange, and vermillion.  So, I used those four.  I love it just as much.  But, since it is a lighter, pinker version of "Desire" I decided to call it "Crush".


I will be adding all of these colors to the color page and also to my Etsy shop.  I will be having a sale in the shop in the upcoming weeks.  I am phasing out some of the colors and adding these new ones so there will be some outrageous deals on the discontinued stuff.  Plus, I like the idea of "the early bird gets the worm" so I will again be doing a sliding scale discount where the sooner you stop in, the bigger your discount will be.  Watch for the tweets.  You can follow me on Twitter @BrightEyedDyer.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dyeing Jag--Part 1

Lovelyarns in Baltimore has an annual trunk show/sale as part of their birthday celebration and I was invited to participate.  So, in preparation, I ordered 10 lbs of yarn and went to town.  I went on a "Dyeing Jag" and dyed all 10 lbs (41 skeins) in one day.  It worked out to 4 skeins each of 9 new colors and the last new color had my usual 5 skeins.  Ten brand spanking new colorways.  

I had a great time.  Naming them afterwards was almost as much fun as creating them in the first place. 

I was originally going to do 10 separate posts, one for each color.  That seems a bit excessive though.  But I am not about to cram all 10 into this post.  So, a compromise is in order.  So, let's see what looks good...maybe half at a time...

The first color is called "Punkin Baby".  Jake's first nickname when he was a baby was "Punkin Baby".  These days he is reading everything, including my dye bottles.  I just so happen to have an orange color named Pumpkin.  He saw this and immediately wanted to use it in a colorway.  I told him to pick out 2 or 3 more colors to go with it.  He chose Kelly Green, Cobalt Blue, and Emerald Green.  I am so impressed with his choices.  I think they make a great colorway.

Punkin Baby 

Next up is Mixed Berries.  This colorway is a full sibling to Blueberries.  Bright fuchsia and black with dark purple for depth.  

Mixed Berries

And the other full sibling is Kiwi.  Again the black, this time mixed with kelly green and charteuse.


The next two colors are first cousins of these high contrast yarns.  Instead of using black on half the skein and two other colors, I instead used a main color on half the skein and black and the secondary color equally on the rest of the skein.  Watermelon is primarily pink with black and green.  I did, however, also leave white between the colors to represent the white between the flesh and the rind of a watermelon as well as for the white seeds.


And finally, Bumble Bee.  In Bumble Bee I used bright yellow as the main color on half of the skein and then a balance of black and burnt orange on the rest.

Bumble Bee

So, except for Punkin Baby, the other four colors here are related.  The last five are pretty different.  And the names got a whole lot stranger.  

Coming up next...  Zombies.