Monday, March 8, 2010

3 More

I have three more colors to add to the High Society Sock Yarn line today.  The first color "Childhood" is one that I have done before in a worsted weight Merino.  It is now available in my sock yarn.  Childhood is a blend of bright yellow, fuschia, and turquoise dyed in such a way as to create an evenly spaced bright rainbow.  Orange, green, and purple are formed where the dyes overlap.  So, it is a rainbow of sorts, just a very bright, childlike version.  These are the colors of balloons, crayons, childhood picture books and favorite memories...Childhood.

The second color, "Uptown girl" is completely new.  It is mostly a rich burgundy with accents of gold and deep blue.  These are rich jewel tones.  Sophistication with a wink and a nod.  They bring to mind rich tapestries, brocades, and velvet.

The third newcomer to the party is also completely new.  Meet "Marina del Ray".  Subtle stripes of turquoise and kelly green blend together and are punctuated by specs of pink, orange, yellow, and purple.  These are the colors of a hot afternoon poolside or on the yacht.  Bright green and blue water, a sexy tanktop of pink, orange, yellow, and purple.  So, while it may be a cold, grey day in November when you are wearing your just finished, awesome, hand knit socks; their colors will remind you of gorgeous summer days just past, and more warm days to come.

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As always, I appreciate your stopping by and would love to hear your thoughts or comments on my work.

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