Balticon L E Colorways 2010

These are the colors that were created for Balticon 2010:

The first color is "Flirty Girl"
 The colors of romance and erotica swirl through this yarn.  A blend of blues, fuchsia, and pink creating beautiful purples where they overlap.

The second color way is , "Cooley (The Fiend)" 
Named after my friend, Paul E. Cooley (@paul_e_cooley on Twitter), author and podcaster of several horror stories.  His novella, Tattoo, is available for purchase; and his current work, the novel Closet Treats, is available in podcast form.   The colors here are no surprise; lots of reds, lots of black and then a bit of white for the fear in their eyes, some dark blue, some yellow, and whatever mixture of these colors the yarn wants to give us.

Third up is "Geist".
  Geist is a soon to be published novel by another friend of mine, the lovely and talented author, podcaster, and voice talent extraordinaire, Philippa Jane Ballentine.  Ace Books is the publisher and it is due out very soon (October 26th 2010)!  I used the cover art by Jason Chan as well as the idea of earth tones (browns, greens, a bit of blue and a bit of red) as my starting point. 

Fourth up is a"Morevi".
 This colorway based on a fantasy novel by my dear friend Tee Morris (@TeeMonster on Twitter).  Morevi is available for purchase here, and you can get information about Tee's many other published works here.  The Morevi adventure inspired me to use rich jewel tones and a bit of a brighter green for punch.

is the last colorway (and my personal favorite).  This one is inspired by the novel Scouts which was written by another dear friend of mine, Author and podcaster Nobilis Reed, and is being launched at Balticon on Saturday, May 29, 2010.  You can pre-order Scouts here (all pre-ordered copies will be signed by the author).  And, you can find his podcasts here. The colors used are blues and greens symbolizing the lush environment of the Scouts Headquarters where the main characters, Challers Dizen and Valka Parl, attend the Scouts Academy; as well as a bit of rusty-red to symbolize the forces at work in their galaxy.