Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dyeing Jag--Part 1

Lovelyarns in Baltimore has an annual trunk show/sale as part of their birthday celebration and I was invited to participate.  So, in preparation, I ordered 10 lbs of yarn and went to town.  I went on a "Dyeing Jag" and dyed all 10 lbs (41 skeins) in one day.  It worked out to 4 skeins each of 9 new colors and the last new color had my usual 5 skeins.  Ten brand spanking new colorways.  

I had a great time.  Naming them afterwards was almost as much fun as creating them in the first place. 

I was originally going to do 10 separate posts, one for each color.  That seems a bit excessive though.  But I am not about to cram all 10 into this post.  So, a compromise is in order.  So, let's see what looks good...maybe half at a time...

The first color is called "Punkin Baby".  Jake's first nickname when he was a baby was "Punkin Baby".  These days he is reading everything, including my dye bottles.  I just so happen to have an orange color named Pumpkin.  He saw this and immediately wanted to use it in a colorway.  I told him to pick out 2 or 3 more colors to go with it.  He chose Kelly Green, Cobalt Blue, and Emerald Green.  I am so impressed with his choices.  I think they make a great colorway.

Punkin Baby 

Next up is Mixed Berries.  This colorway is a full sibling to Blueberries.  Bright fuchsia and black with dark purple for depth.  

Mixed Berries

And the other full sibling is Kiwi.  Again the black, this time mixed with kelly green and charteuse.


The next two colors are first cousins of these high contrast yarns.  Instead of using black on half the skein and two other colors, I instead used a main color on half the skein and black and the secondary color equally on the rest of the skein.  Watermelon is primarily pink with black and green.  I did, however, also leave white between the colors to represent the white between the flesh and the rind of a watermelon as well as for the white seeds.


And finally, Bumble Bee.  In Bumble Bee I used bright yellow as the main color on half of the skein and then a balance of black and burnt orange on the rest.

Bumble Bee

So, except for Punkin Baby, the other four colors here are related.  The last five are pretty different.  And the names got a whole lot stranger.  

Coming up next...  Zombies.

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