Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colors Available

In yesterday's post I outlined what colors were going fast (or in many cases now, already gone). Today, I'm going to focus on what is available.

The discount in my shop today is 35%.  It will go up to 40% tomorrow, 45% Thursday, and 50% on Friday. The catch to a sale like this is the availability of the stock on hand... you have to decide where you draw the line between loving a particular color and how big a bargain you need/want.  Even at just 35% off these are some great deals!

Here is the rundown of what is currently in the shop:

There is just ONE skein left of:

First Kiss



There are TWO skeins left of:

Bumble Bee

Polo Ponies

Spring Fling

There are THREE skeins available of:


Early Autumn

Primary Race

Punkin Baby

There are FOUR skeins available of:

Calico Cat



And FIVE skeins of Hayride.

There you have it... If you are looking to do a project that is larger than the usual pair of socks this information will hopefully help you decide on a color.  Something to keep in mind if you like my colors but want to make something heavier; my sock yarn held double will work as a worsted weight. 

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