Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcoming Knitting Weather!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Hands down, no hesitation whatsoever, the best. Always has been. Even long before I picked up some sticks, some string, a book, and an obsession or three.  Now that I am a Knitter, my love for all things Autumnal has only grown.  I think most of us knit year round.  I don't know about you, but for me, in the warmer months I knit socks with itty-bitty cuffs.  When I knit at all.  As soon as that first cool day happens my inner knitting alarm goes off and look out wool here I come.  I know the weather will undoubtably become warm again off and on for a few weeks yet.  I couldn't care less.  Mother nature has tipped her hand and I know cooler days and nights are coming.

I tend to think of September and the beginning of Fall as the new year.  I guess that comes from all those years of school; first as a kid myself and now as a parent.  Time to clean out the closets, see what is still servicable (and still fits), time to fill in the gaps with new things.

So, I am cleaning out some of colors that either haven't sold very well in the past, or that I don't want to dye any more of for whatever reason.  In doing that, I am making room for the new colors that I have had so much fun creating over the past couple of weeks.  I have put on sale some really great deals so that I can free up more room.  I'm itching to try some more new dyeing ideas that I think you will really like.

There are two OOAK listings still up in the shop as well as seven skeins of discontinued colorways of my sock yarn.  My High Society Sock Yarn currently retails for $22.   The discontinued colorways are priced at $10.  As of right now, there are two skeins each of Georgia Peach, New Money, and Summer Garden, and one skein of Blue Skies.  Two skeins is more than enough yardage to make a really nice shawl; for less than the cost of one regularly priced skein.  So, if you are in the mood for a bargain, check it out.

The clearance and special listings are just the tip of the iceberg though.  The real fun will start this Saturday (9/25/2010 at 10:00 am est) and will continue through Friday (10/1/2010 midnight est).  I will put the details in my next post and it should be up sometime in the next hour or so....

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