Friday, September 24, 2010

HUGE Fall Sale!!

Hold on to your we go...

It's time for a HUGE sale at Dyed Bright Here!  Why?  Because I have too much inspiration for cool new colors and only so much space for inventory.  So, before I can go back to my beloved bottles of outrageous color and cook up some more insanity I need to clear out some of this sock yarn.

There is no limit to how many skeins you can buy.  I will also be updating the quantities available to accurately reflect my inventory. 

Sales dates and discount percentages are (OOAK and Special Clearance listings are NOT included):

Sat. 9/25      50% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Sun 9/26      45% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Mon 9/27     40% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Tues 9/28    35% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Wed 9/29    40% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Thurs 9/30  45% OFF 
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Fri 10/1       50% OFF
All Sock Yarn and Roving

Here's how the sale is going to work:

I have decided to change the prices in the shop rather than do discounts by refund through PayPal only because either way it's work but if I do it as a refund that means that you have to have funds available for the full regular price which can be difficult sometimes.  So, I will be changing the prices for all of the items in the shop each day.  For that reason, I will take the shop down at 8:00am est each day to do the maintenance.  I don't know yet how long that will take exactly but it will be back up by 10:00am est at the latest (hopefully a lot sooner).

In case you are curious what new color projects I am impatiently waiting to start; some of the colorway ideas go with names like:

Brains (light pink and light grey)
Zombie Food (same as Brains plus red, black, green)
Rot (black, brown, green)

Yes, my horror writing friends have WAY too much influence over my thoughts lately. However, there is also:

Cotton Candy (pink, blue, teal)
Oh Baby (typical pastel baby colors of pink, blue, yellow, green)

And, I am thinking of doing some little skeins of solid colors to use for toe/heel/cuff accents or to do your own stripes, or for faire isle in combination with the variegated colors.

So you see, my friends, I REALLY need to move the skeins of coolness that are currently overflowing my work space so I can play in the dye and make skeins of crazy coolness!


  1. wow, going to check out your sale! Have a great weekend AND sales! Smooches from the sheep.....

  2. super excited about brains! I'm redoing my bedroom in those colors so I see buying some to start a new project. :)

    PS I love zombies.