Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Creation of War Dogs the Yarn

It was just a passing reference in one of the episodes of one of the GFL Book podcasts. I think it was The All-Pro but I could be mistaken. Anyway, it was a passing reference to the team colors, and how the fans wore them, of the D'Kow War Dogs. Their team colors are orange, purple, and lime green. And the description was that they were the most obnoxious colors in all of the Galactic Football League (or words to that effect).

When I heard this I had to stop the playback and listen again to make sure I'd heard him correctly. That is, after I got done waving off the raised-eyebrow-looks I got from my coworkers because I had laughed (or possibly snorted) out loud. I mean, orange and purple and lime green are obnoxious? Really? Sounds kinda sedate compared to some of the color combinations I've been known to do. Yep, that was the right, purple, and lime green. Sounded kinda like a dare of sorts to me.

How could I NOT create War Dogs after that kind of experience listening to a podcast? I rarely back up and listen to something twice...I think I listened to that description at least three times. And laughed harder each time. So, War Dogs was actually one of the first colorways I jotted down for this year, and the one I saved for last. I knew immediatly how I was going to dye it to get the biggest possible spiraling stripes of each color. And I knew it would make me smile. So, I saved the best for last.

I love the ways that Scott includes so many color descriptions in his stories. Especially when it's related to the GFL teams, their colors, fans, and venues. You can find a picture of the team logo here and all of Scott's books and things here.

Here's the official logo of the D'Kow War Dogs. It was created by James Schmill as part of a contest by Dark Overlord Media

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