Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Creation of Veronica the Yarn

Each year as I get ready to dye the Balticon Colorways, I look at the notes I've made during the year on stories, podcasts, and websites that have made an impression on me during the year, and think about who will be at Balticon this year. I try to find a new angle or technique each year either in the way I dye the yarn itself using different patterns for applying the dye, or what types of things I use for inspiration. In the past, I've used primarily podcasts, a few books that weren't podcast, and some websites. 

This year, when I thought about who would be there, and who was making contributions to the community that weren't necessarily in the form of just a podcast or website, Veronica Giguere came immediately to mind. She has been involved in the Secret World Chronicle podcast from the beginning, first as "just" the voice actor to eventually stepping up as a writer as well. She has not only a phenominal voice, but more importantly, a fearlessness about creating a full spectrum of voices to bring characters to life.

She has been narrating audiobooks as well (15+ and counting). Audiobooks are a great way to "read" books when you don't have time to sit down and read by listening as you do other chores or on your daily commute.  There are links to her projects HERE. Please take a moment to check out her work. 

She is smart, talented, funny, and sexy. She is bubblegum pink, hot fuchsia, and purple.  The purple is actually a combination of not just purple, but turquoise added to the of my favorite ways to create a unique purple that depends on the pink itself and how much it is twisted by the color that I prefer to think of as sass... seems so appropriate for the purple of Veronica. 

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