Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Creation of Literary Gold in Yarn Form

Dave Robison is the creator of The RoundTable Podcast where along with co-host Brion Humphrey and a guest host they workshop a story idea with a budding author in an attempt to turn that potential story into literary gold.  They are alchemists of the modern age.

This podcast is actually two in one.  Dave and Brion first sit down with the guest host for 20 ish minutes and talk about that author's background, their books and projects, how they got to where they are, and how they work. These episodes are my favorites. Mostly because I only listen to podcasts when I'm at work and these are easier to follow then the back and forth of the workshopping episodes.

With either type of episode, I've found that I can only listen to one or two at a time because they provide SO many ideas and insights into my own creativity. I end up with a train of post-it notes of things I need to remember, need to think about, need to explore, and need to do every time I listen.

Listening to Dave and Brion and the amazing collection of awesome people who have been their guest hosts and workshop writers has made me believe in the power of my own creativity. They've made me take myself more seriously as an artist regardless of what I'm working on (poems, prose, or even yarn). 

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave for the first time at Balticon last year. He is an enthusiastic supporter of all creatives, a terrific voice talent and actor, and simply one of the nicest individuals on the planet.

Sadly, Dave will not be able to make it to Balticon this year as originally planned. An explanation of that and the podcast being on an indefinite hiatus is here. My heart goes out to him and his family. I wish him and his family health, healing, and happiness.  He will be greatly missed this year and I look forward to seeing him next year.

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