Sunday, May 13, 2012

The creation of Street the yarn

There are currently (as of 5/27/12) 2 skeins of Street left

This colorway was completely unplanned.  Unlike, Secret Lair, that came to me as a gentle revelation; Street hit me like a lightning bolt. That wonderful moment of inspiration when you get the whole picture of something is one complete flash. I was absolutely giddy by it. This didn't require any thought, any work, any worry.  And, after agonizing over every decision for Quyth this was a welcome relief. 

Quyth and Street were the last two yarns and I dyed them on the same night. Quyth was all about planning and precision. It was really hard work. Street was like telling a two year old to finger-paint. It was the ice cold beer on a hot summer day.

I had originally planned to do a colorway based on Paul E. Cooley's Garaaga's Children series.  I wanted to explore the ancient landscape and all who lived there and then. That meant dark. I couldn't do another dark yarn. Not now. I needed more bright, light, and playful to balance things out. Quyth does a wonderful job of that but I needed another one.  I needed humor. And that's when Oscar bitch-slapped me.

We are all capable of that evil giggle...

I was dancing when I created this colorway.  It is a little twisted (it has to be if it's inspired by The Street collection), but it's also irreverent, smart-assed, cocky, and balls-to-the-wall fun. I hope you enjoy knitting with it even half as much as I enjoyed creating it.

It is green for Oscar (and the fraggles), yellow for Big and Bird,  red for Elmo, and blue for Cookie.

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