Sunday, May 13, 2012

The creation of Secret Lair the yarn

Secret Lair is SOLD OUT! Thank you to all who purchased a skein.

I've know Chris Miller and Dr. John Cmar for a little while now; even met John at Balticon last year. Chris is the "Overlord" at The Secret Lair website and podcast and along with John, David Moore, Natalie Metzger, and various contributors they inform and entertain about all things geeky and cool in a grown-up (well, most of the time) way.

My first impression of the podcast and website was the color blue with bits of brown. Sometimes I experience things in color. It's hard to explain but this was one of those times.  So, I asked Chris what his favorite color was and when he said, "Deep blue. The color of the light just before sunrise.", I knew I was onto something good.

The Balticon colorways are Limited Editions. What that means is they will never EVER be done again. It finally occurred to me that I can take advantage of that fact and create colorways that would be difficult to ever do again. So, like Whelkies, I used a method of dye application that is completely random instead of my trademark patterning. So, each of the skeins of Secret Lair is a little different...much like the various personalities who comprise the whole group endeavor that is The Secret Lair.

I wanted the finished result to be that color that Chris loves but I wanted to build layers underneath it that would give it depth, texture. So, I actually started with turquoise and brilliant blue. Over and next to that went royal blue. Finally, I put brown at specific intervals to give it some structure and followed that up with gunmetal blue and navy.  

The result is a colorway with sweetness, soul, and a little bit of attitude that immediately feels like an old friend. Welcome to The Secret Lair.

You can see all of the colorways, with links to the original work and the artists/podcasters/websites that inspired them, on the Balticon 2012 page.

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