Sunday, May 13, 2012

The creation of Eye of the Quyth

Eye of the Quyth is SOLD OUT

Like Whelkies, Eye of the Quyth is not named for a specific book, podcast, or website.  It is the strangest in terms of the inspiration and was by far the most difficult colorway I've ever attempted.

I had the idea for this colorway months ago. Originally it was just black, purple, orange, yellow, and hot pink. I kinda had an idea of how I was gonna pull it off.  Kinda. Sorta.

For the two of you who haven't read or listened to Scott Sigler's Galactic Football League of stories the coach of Quentin Barnes' team is a Quyth.  The Quyth have one eye and it changes color based on their emotions. I can relate on a human eyes are technically blue (a pale baby blue with a dark rim to be specific) but they can appear grey, green, or a bright turquoise depending on my mood, the lighting, or my clothing. So, eyes that become really cool colors like hot pink, yellow, orange... well, I couldn't pass up trying to create a colorway based on that.

It turns out there are something like 17 different colors (or more) that a Quyth eye can be...or there are at least that many ways that Sigler has describe their eye color.

I started with the premise that the normal color is black. I wanted that to be a predominant color. Then, I decided to let the colors mixing on the skein provide the shading some colors like blue and red needed. Rather than make half the skein black and half the other colors (which would have been a hell of a lot easier), I didn't want the black lining up against everything all the time while it was being knitted.  I wanted to at least give the other colors a shot at standing out on their own.

So I divided the skein into quarters (a common way for me to decide what to place where on the skein). And then it got crazy...  I further divided each quarter into thirds. So, I had a cool dozen mapped out around the skein. I've done ten before and vowed I wouldn't do more than eight ever again... Yeah, right. This was inspired by Sigler...I already knew shit was gonna get crazy.

The result is a wild and crazy colorway with yellow, orange, red, green, hot pink, purple, blue, and black.  There are various shade of everything which gives it a depth to go with the brightness.  All of the colorways up to this point have been very masculine and rather dark.  There's nothing wrong with that, but I really wanted to do something that was crazy, fun, bright, and cool.  Ta Da!

You can see all of the colorways, with links to the original work and the artists/podcasters/websites that inspired them, on the Balticon 2012 page.

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