Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The fourth new colorway for the Fall and Winter of 2010 is called KnitYeah.

I recently discovered when I started following @KnitYeah on Twitter that not only was she also from Harrisburg but she in fact lived just 4 blocks from me and her birthday is 5 days before mine.  Yes, the world is getting smaller  by the day.  It just so happened that I made these realizations on the day of her birthday.  We were talking about yarn colors so I inquired as to her favorite color.  The answer was unequivocally GREEN!

So, I took all of the greens that I had in my arsenal of dyes (I'm up to 6 different greens now), added a little royal blue and some gold and the result is "KnitYeah".  Of course, the first skein went to @KnitYeah herself as a slightly belated birthday present and as a thank you for so graciously allowing me to use her twitter name as the name for one of my colorways.

A mixture of light, bright, medium, dark, and olive green with blue and gold.

You can see the highlights of blue and gold here.

I love how the brightest and darkest greens match up and make these stripes that seem to vibrate!

The final new colorway, coming up tomorrow, is Calico Cat....

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