Friday, May 9, 2014

The Creation of Mahna Mahna

This colorway was the easiest to design in that the colors were already chosen for me by Jim Henson himself. Mahna Mahna is one of his earliest creations so all I needed to do was google a picture. And yet, technically, this was the most difficult to dye. The only real color choice I had was between Kelly and Chartreuse for the green. The challenge was to keep the green, pink, and orange clean from the purple.

After deciding on the dye colors, I then have to figure out placement. I decided that while i wanted the purple to be the dominant color, I didn't want all of the other colors to be lumped together so I alternated between one of them with the purple. I can see the swirl of the colors in the swatch but it also has plenty of randomness in the way it knit up.

That is until I decided to use it as the heel for the first Balticon sock...I've never had colors line up the way these did. This completely blew me away. It's easily the coolest happy accident I've ever had with a colorway.

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