Friday, May 9, 2014

The Creation of Dragon Lady

When I started creating the Balticon colorways in 2010 I imposed some rules on myself. The big one being that I could only dye colorways based on the books or podcasts of someone who is going to be at the con itself.

This can pose a problem in that I have to wait until I know someone is planning on attending before I can base a colorway off of their work.

In 2011 I started reading The Antithesis Progression series of books by J. Daniel Sawyer and was immediately captivated by the character, Cassie. At times she is known as the Green Lady (for wearing a striking Green outfit) and also as the Dragon Lady.

In 2012 I wrote Dragon Lady on a list of potential colorways along with the colors red, purple, and green in parenthesis. Well, in both 2012 and 2013 Dan wasn't able to attend. So Dragon Lady was just a name on a list.

Finally, this year Dan will be there again so I got to do a Dragon Lady colorway. But when I thought about Cassie the color that sprang to mind was red. So instead of being predominantly green with accents of red and purple, she ended up being red with accents of green and purple.  I find it interesting that it was the red that struck with me most when she was really much better known for (and even called) the Green Lady.  

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