Friday, May 9, 2014

The Creation of Dead Robots Society
First, I should say that I designed this with Justin, Terry, and Paul in mind. I know Scott is there instead of Justin now but for me, DRS will always be synonymous with Justin. Besides, Scott's series "Ginnie Dare" got its own colorway so I'm sure he'll understand.

I started with black and silver grey. Both good colors when dealing with robots, dead or otherwise. Then I added gunmetal blue. This is a serious podcast about a sometimes serious subject so I wanted those kinds of colors. But it needed some spark. Accents based on the individual personalities and the stories they write.

Paul was easy...crimson. That's his favorite way to describe red and I'm pretty sure it's in every story he's ever written. Terry was easy For all the erotica he's written over the years I went straight to pink. Okay, so now I've got a splash of red and a splash of pink. What to do for Justin? Green. Emerald green. For Still Water.

The final question was placement. So, I paired up colors, one major with one accent and put them across from each other; black and crimson, gunmetal and pink, and silver with green. The result is a very dignified and orderly series of stripes that build a story interrupted by moments of insanity. Sounds like a perfect fit.

And Justin, it's been a while... (sorry, if you've listened to this podcast you get the joke)

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  1. Every drive thru we go through has the poor kid in the other side of the mic answering him with "Ma'am".

    So thank you for this. I'll be sassing Terry with Pink for decades to come. (As if i need any help sassing him.)