Friday, September 16, 2011


I had a great time playing in the dyes leading up to KDO and in the process, created 7 new colorways. They are all available in my Etsy shop now. I am working out the details of a sale in my Etsy will be coming soon so watch this space.

Meanwhile, about the new colorways...

Sophisticated Schoolgirl is still one of my favorite colorways (and always a best seller). I decided to break up the three colors (hot pink, lime green, and purple) and use pairs of those colors to see what happens. The results are two new colorways, Birthday Girl and Cyndi (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun).

Birthday Girl

Cyndi (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)

Then, while I was still in a 2-color groove I decided to do a colorway I had been thinking about for a while called, Oh Baby! (baby pink and baby blue)

Oh Baby!

And for my green-lovin' friends I created Mandrake. I was originally toying with names like Green Dragon, Dragon's Wing, and even Welsh Dragon (I love the flag of Wales but later realized that while their colors are red, white, and green the dragon himself is red). Then thought about the dragon from Paulette Jaxton's story "The Emperess Sword" and realized that these were the same colors of green I had used to depict him in the LE Balticon Colorway I did that was inspired by that title. And so, this is Mandrake...


I had one more bi-colored bit of fun in the form of Yellow Jacket. This is a yarn designed to stripe (as is Cyndi). I wanted to do something for my non-pink, non-red friends and also something for my Pittsburgh Steeler friends. So, some glorious yellow and black.

Yellow Jacket

And finally, I wanted a couple of not-quite-so-bright colorways for the more traditional folks out there who might not want the crazy colors I usually end up creating. These are tri-color creations. Designed to not stripe (or at least, not as boldly). More tonal versions of my madness. 

First up is Lioness. She is tawny, golden, and glorious.


And finally, some of the colors my mom adores (greys). The last one was designed to go with a navy, grey, or black suit. I was envisioning pinstripes when I created it. Meet Management Material.

 Management Material

You can see more pics of these colorways (including swatches of everyone except Cyndi at my shop)

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