Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Autumn and that means a sale!

I enjoy something about each of the seasons. But Autumn is by far my favorite!

I knit all year round (not as much as I'd like and mostly just swatches these days) but when the weather finally breaks in September and suddenly it's cool enough (downright cold at night) to want to wear sweaters the urge to knit is overwhelming.  I love everything about this time of year...the colors, the crispness in the air, apple and pumpkin festivals, hay rides, Rhinebeck, bundling up in sweaters and under blankets, football and soccer games, back to school events, the works.

So, in celebration of all of these things, I want to make it a little (okay, a LOT) less expensive for you to include some of my hand-painted yarns and rovings in your Autumn knitting and spinning. For the next week (at least) I'm offering a discount coupon in my ETSY shop giving you 40% off anything in the shop.  As of right now, all of my available skeins of sock yarn are listed. I will be adding all of my available braids of roving over the next couple of days.

If you haven't tried knitting socks yet, this is the perfect opportunity.  Socks are my favorite knitting project for a number of reasons. First, your total project cost is so much lower than a sweater. Secondly, they are SO portable. Third, you can experiment with ANY technique or style of knitting on a sock cuff. And finally, nothing feels as amazing as socks that have been custom made to fit your foot. NOTHING.

If you are already adicted to knitting socks, this is a great time to add some of my crazy color creations to your stash. I have something for everyones' color preferences. Maybe a bit more for those of us who love all things pink, but every color of the colorwheel is currently in the shop. For now, at least.

If socks aren't your thing, my sock yarn makes gorgeous shawls and scarves. And, if you hold two strands together, it is worsted weight and will look great in any project.

So, get 'em while they are here. I am not anticipating doing much (if any) dyeing until after the new year.  Life is a bit hectic around here at the moment. So, if you are thinking of giving some of my yarn as a holiday present, now is your chance to get it at a great price.

To take advantage of this sale, simply type the coupon code "TWITTER40" in the coupon box at checkout time. 40% will be deducted off of your order total. Shipping fees will still apply.

As always, I greatly appreciate your business.


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