Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Hilary & Jill (The Yarn Garden in Carlisle, PA)

Yesterday I delivered the first order of Dyed Bright Here High Society Sock Yarn to the lovely ladies of the Yarn Garden in Carlisle, PA.  We talked about some possibilities for their first LE colorway...I'll be working on that later this week.  If you are in the Carlisle Area or the West Shore of the Harrisburg Area stop in and see them (and my yarns!).  Their address, phone number, shop hours, and a link to their web site is on the "Shops that carry..." page.

I have also redesigned the "Colorways" page.   With the growing number of colorways I changed a lot of the pictures to make scrolling through the page a bit faster.  I also alphabetized them.....  This page is constantly under construction as I am always playing in the colors; creating new and exciting colorways.  There are also some swatch and finished items there too so you can see what some of these yarns will do in terms of pooling, spiraling, and complex striping.

If you have photographs of a finished item or swatch using my yarns I would love to feature it here.  You can email me a copy at (just let me know if I can post it here and how you would like it attributed).

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