Saturday, July 31, 2010

Color Choices (in poetry)

A rainbow of choices
to create
whatever I wish
pick a color. 

Close your eyes
be color blind
make random choices
there are no rights or wrongs
in child's play.

Dark days
of blue and black
soul bruises
Memphis music
no turning back. 

a cool stillness
blue, green, teal
rippling waters
soothing me.

Brown dirt
tan rocks and sand
rusty red clay
the colors of Mother Earth
cradle and comfort.

Sultry, slinky, sex appeal
lavender and lace
a passion for purple
aubergine erotica
my favorite color. 

Funky, fruity
mango, lime, and grape
Caribbean colors
Bermuda triad
silly yet sexy.

Red hots
fire engines
blood red nails
drop dead gorgeous
sex appeal.

Tangerine and lemon
fresh and clean
smell the citrus zest
I'm going to knit socks
that need to be juiced.

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