Friday, January 8, 2010

My ADD brain in the form of a list

I am a list-maker.  I don't make them constantly.  I should be making more of them because when I make them (and don't lose them) I get more accomplished.  I was thinking about this blog recently.  I am not usually one to talk about what I am knitting, photograph my works in progress, or dissect the various processes that are involved in creating knitted things.  I plan to do more of that when possible.  Sometimes that is not possible particularly if the thing in question is to turn into a pattern.

While thinking about this blog recently I made a list.  A list of some of the questions and topics that might make good blog posts.  The stuff on this list is in some cases a form of shorthand and in others it is more like a conversation with myself.  If you have anything you'd like to add to my list, any comments on any of this, or a particular topic that you would really like to see something on, please leave a comment.  I would love a push in some particular direction as to which topic to write about next.  

I have also thought about maybe doing some tutorials.  Is there a particular technique you would like to know more about?  I usually knit continental style but originally learned to "throw the yarn" (holding the yarn in the right hand).  I purl "right-handed" except when knitting socks or doing ribbing.  For those circumstances, I use the Norwegian Purl.  I have done a number of cast-ons and bind-offs, have made sweaters, vests, socks, shawls, rugs, scarves, hats, felted things, knit lace, entrelac, fair isle, colorwork, argyle socks, most of which has been of my own design.  As a result, I am becoming quite gifted at ripping and fixing as well.  I spin and ply my own yarn with drop spindles, and dye my own yarn too.  Anyway, if  you haven't seen it offered somewhere else, or need to see someone else do it, let me know.  It will give me something to do when I'm not spinning, dyeing, and knitting.

Here's the list of fiber things I have been pondering lately....

Technicalities of pattern software, how to use standard software to show innovative shapes

Test knitting, Anyone?

Favorite stitch patterns

Demos or resources

Things I've learned...
From books...
From the internet...
From people face-to-face...

The generosity of knitters and crafters

You know you shouldn't judge but you know you want to

Knitting on the fly/Design as you go

A love of ruffles and where did this come from?

Odd (new, daring, mis-begotten, wrong!, avant-garde, hot, hip, in) color combinations/designs/construction techniques

Vision and design vs technique and execution

Style, Project Runway, Mary Queen of shops, Launch My Line,  what's new on the newsstand, the TV, and in books

Sketches and concepts or finished designs

Ravelry, FB, Twitter, Etsy, and the blogs. Social Media, self promotion, self expression, giant time sucks and black holes

Shapes and garments that multi-task

Sets of things (clothes or items that go together, needles, lines of yarns, techniques)

Using yarns in different (unconventional/avant-garde/artistic/surprising) ways

Cleaning, De-stashing, De-cluttering, Organizing (again with the Ravelry)

Balancing work and family and why the line gets so blurry for me and people like me?

Balancing knitting for sales with knitting for family and friends and what about me?

Balancing designing knitted things, actually knitting things, and what about spinning and dyeing?

If I focus on dying and spinning does that mean I can knit for me again?

Determining actual costs of what I am doing. Is there profit potential in there somewhere?  BOokkeeping basics, inventory, etc.

Drawing a line in the sand (or the dirty carpet)

The shape of things to come. Sweater shapes, silhouettes, fashion trends, we've seen it all so what is retro now?

Holy crap! Someone likes my stuff! Are there enough people out there who feel the same way?

Selling to a retail outlet vs selling to the public directly. Etsy vs own web site? Which makes better business sense short term? Long term?

Transitioning from dying a couple of skeins at a time to doing a dozen or so in a batch.

Anti-etsy/anti-artist sentiment and what's that all about?

OOAK items pros/cons

Always on a learning curve in knitting, dying, blogging, spinning, selling, designing, marketing, computer programing, using latest technology and tools available.

Balancing parenting, marriage, exercise, work as knitter, dyer, photographer, blogger, seller, spinner, and TIME FOR ME!?


  1. Love your list, it is like if you were reading my mind-
    Hope you will accomplish a lot!

  2. Are you in my head??? I could have written that post! I really wish I could get better with the picture taking. I have several cameras. No excuse!