Friday, January 29, 2010

Chart B and Blocking

Okay, so Chart B made me slow down a bit.  I referred to the chart much more often.  Still, the lace pattern was pretty easy to memorize for each line.  I really liked that the S1K2P and the single purl stitches lined up neatly.  I used them for references all the way across.  If not for those, I probably would have placed a marker every 14 stitches so that I only screw up one repeat of the pattern.  As it was, when I was on the even rows I would count the 13 purls between each of the knits.  That was my double check that things hadn't gone awry on the row before.  The only issue I had with the chart was that (to my eye) line 13 is missing two sets of YO and decrease (one before the repeat line and one after).  So, I just added them to the copy I had printed out.  

This is for reference.  The shawl is dry still.

Jaspurr coming over to "help" Mommy and claim what is rightfully (in his little cat brain) his.

"Mom, what's so hard about this?  I'm bored."

I've given the shawl a quick wash in hot water and squeezed out the excess water.  I am threading the heavier and longer blocking wires through the YO's along the top straight edge.  These were the first and last stitches of each row.

Jaspurr has realized that his beloved is now a mass of wet yarn and wisely is helping by just observing.

I used two of the longer wires to fit across the top.

Stretch down at the center point.

Working from side to side, stretching out each of the points.

I've stretched the top from the middle outward and put a pin in after about every four YO's.

This is the second reference shot.  I did not move the pillow with game comtroller.  I block stuff in the boys' room because of the available floor space and the short industrial carpet.  The yellow thing under the shawl is a crib sheet for contrast as well as damage control.



  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am enjoying your blog..I think we might be soul sister's after reading your bio :)

  2. It's lovely to see TW after and during blocking. It's such a sweet design.
    I now know that mine needs to be much much bigger to cover my shoulders.
    I have too many small shawlettes and really want a bigger drapey one.