Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Mystery...have you seen this yarn before???

Our bedroom is an odd shape with the main part (sleeping area) being just big enough for a queen size bed up against the only wall with no windows and about 3 feet of space on each of the other 3 sides.  The one and only closet (a non-walk-in sort of standard size with two bi-fold doors) is at the foot of the bed and off to one side a bit.  The other part of our 'Master Bedroom' is sort of a sitting area that you have to walk through to get from the door to the bed.  It is maybe about 8 x 10 feet.  My dresser, a little antique writing desk, an end table or nightstand height antique radio, the radiator and its cover and The Stash occupy this 'room'.  I use the quotation marks because as master bedrooms go there's not much master in it.  Square footage wise I think the room Max and Carter share is probably the same or bigger (I know their closet is). As for the sitting area it isn't a seperate room at all.  The room is just a really wierd shape.

The problem with The Stash is that it has taken over the entire sitting area, as well as the 3 feet of space on my side of the bed.  It appears to be a living breathing entity.  I think Addison beats it back when I am not looking.  Some days it seems more subdued than others.  I have beautiful cubby-hole type shelves, fabric drawers that fit in the cubby-holes, and a number of different baskets to store it all in.  Plus, there are also a few under-the-bed clear plastic bins.

Then, there is the wonderful site, Ravelry.  It took me longer than most to join and I still have not really done anything on the site.  Yes, I have found a few local people (Kathy from Colonial Yarn, and Alice of Altobish and also from Colonial Yarn in particular) and joined a few groups.  Beyond that, nothing.

I like the idea of all of my knitting related stuff categorized all in one place.  The problem with that is I don't know what all I have.  I'm actually more than a little afraid to find out.  It's one thing to have a plastic baggy with most of my sock needles in it and some in WIP's, and some burried or hidden here and there.  It is something altogether different (and a definite needle purchasing inhibitor) to know that I have 304 circular needles in the 0 to 2 size range.  I exagerate a little because I am afraid to even hazzard a guess. Do I really have to find out how many I have?

So, The Project is one of cleaning up the stash.  More importantly it is one of photographing and identifying exactly WHAT (and how much) The Stash really is. A full documentation.  With images.

Just for the record, The Project has commenced.  I spent most of Wednesday photographing and winding into center-pull balls the few skeins that made up the "wool cubby".  I have also just spent the better part of the last three hours getting my Flickr account linked to my Ravelry account, uploading all of the pictures I took Wednesday plus the yarn I dyed last week that is for sale on Etsy plus pics of some of the sweaters I have made.  This is going to take a while.

While working on all of this, I came across a yarn whose lineage is a complete mystery.  I am not sure of the fiber content but think it is a superwash sock yarn blended with either silk or bamboo.  It could just be plain superwash but I can't tell.  It seems to have the slightest sheen.  It is a 3 ply and is 25 wpi.  I first thought it was a lace yarn because the wpi count seems too high for a sock yarn but I looked at some other lace weights and decided that if it were meant for lace it would only be a 2 ply and the wpi's would be higher accordingly.  It is just a light fingering.  It is a 100 g skein and I measured it to be in the area of 460 yds.  It is tightly plied but doesn't have a lot of bounce or spring to the touch.  I haven't tried knitting with it.

The colors are staggeringly gorgeous (if you are a fan of purple or pink or combinations of same).  It also has a silvery sort of grey/lavender and a dark purplish brown.  If you have seen this yarn, please let me know...I would love to call it by it's proper name when I gush over it.

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