Monday, April 26, 2010

The Pink Button

Do you see that pink button just up there?  The one that says 'Color Poll'?  Yeah, THAT one!  It's new!  And, it does a couple of really cool things!

First of all, it signs you up for my 'New Colorways Newsletter'.  I know, I know, I don't need any more e-mail crap either.  But this one is not going to come out more often than once a week.  And, in all actuality, probably more like once or twice a month.  Only when I have a new batch of colorways.  And, it's not just going to do the usual show & tell song & dance.  Oh, heck no.  It's also going to have coupons and/or special offers or discounts on future yarn purchases from Dyed Bright Here.  I don't know exactly what they will be right now but I've got some crazy ideas bouncing around in my head.  And, I can assure you they will definitely be worth it!

Secondly, that there cute little pink button also lets you be a part of my creative process as I continue on my dyeing adventure!  Seriously!  There are check boxes for you to tell me what sort of colorway you would most like to see.  If you just want to be added to the mailing list and don't want to give me some direction well that is fine--it's not required.  If, however, you want to help guide me in making a colorway you simply can not live without...well then, have at it.  Check off one color, two colors....heck, check off as many as you think might look cool together.  At the bottom, there is also a free-form text box for anything else you think I should know .  Like "make 1/2 the skein pink, 1/4 red, and 1/4 black" for example.  Or,  "Hey, Sue!  Your yarn really rocks!" as another example.

A note on e-mail addresses.  Your e-mail address will ALWAYS be held in the strictest of confidences and will NEVER be shared with anyone.  EVER.

When you are all done filling out your e-mail address and checking off the colors that really make your heart sing and leaving any comments you may have, just click 'SUBMIT' at the bottom of the form.

I will be heading back into the kitchen later this week to dye up a couple of the colorways that I am currently either out of or running low on.  I am also planning on cooking up a few new colorways.  So, let me know what you just gotta have in your stash and I'll send you a special offer as a thank you.

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