Thursday, February 18, 2010

A visit to The Mannings

The Mannings is a spinning and weaving school and a wonderful shop located near Hanover, PA.  Yesterday, some of the members of the local Ravelry sock knitting group took a field trip to this wondrous place.  

The snow covered creek you cross just before you arrive.

The red bank barn at the edge of the property.  I love barns like this.  Beauty and functionality.

We made it!

The building is a good size but still very deceptive.  It goes back on the other side into an 'L' shape that you really can't see when you first get there.

The unofficial official welcoming committee makes its way over to us.  There were half a dozen barn cats but this one seemed to be the only one working in an official capacity yesterday.

A very friendly welcome. My cat was a little sketchy (different dialect than I am used to) but I think he is saying, "Welcome, go on in".  Either that or, "Scratch me or I'll bite your ankle".  But I'm reasonably sure it was the former.

They have a very large area for books, magazines, and patterns.  Don't mind the mess along the back wall, they are doing a little remodeling.

Alice (the dyer behind the label Alto Bish and Ravelry name 'Azalea' is on the left.  The other womens' names escape me.  I really suck at remembering names.  Some days I forget my own.  Seen checking out the many sock yarns.

The classroom with the wheels and looms is HUGE and they seem to have at least one of everything.

I don't know anything about looms.  But this one seems like a grand piano compared to an upright (if you know instruments you know what I mean).

The item at the top of my wish list is a wheel.

And then, perhaps a class at The Mannings should be next on my list.

Amazingly, I made it out of there without buying any yarn.  I did, however, get 24 ounces of super soft Australian wool top, a 4 ounce brick of raw silk, and some sparkley stuff  for blending.

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