Thursday, September 24, 2009

How could I forget?

The absolute best part about the Colonial Yarn shop is the selection! Kathy is wonderful, the store (while small) is so warm and inviting, the events she holds are great, and I love the shop layout. But the very best part is the amazing selection!

When I asked Kathy how many different lines of yarn she carried she started naming them. I'm talking full or mostly full lines. I lost count when she got past twenty. Then she started listing some of the individual yarns she has on hand.

What blew me away the first time I perused her selection was the fact that I didn't know or hadn't heard of so many of them.  I know I have only been knitting for four years. But, I read every knitting magazine I can get my hands on. I have a pretty good selection of knitting related books. I have been to Rhinebeck once and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival twice. Yet, Kathy continues to surprise me with yarns that I can't get anywhere else locally. (I'll discuss Webs in a future post)

She also features a local independent dyer, Alice Bish. Her label is Altobish. She is on Ravelry as "Azalea". You can check out her blog here.  I even met Alice at the shop a couple of days ago.  I like to dye my own yarn from time to time (something I plan to do more of in the future) and I can't wait to talk techniques with Alice. How many LYS's can you do that at?

And, as a by-the-way kind of thing; Kathy is on Ravely as"colonial1".  Stop by either in person or on Ravelry.  I'm sure she would love to meet you.

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