Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello. My name is Susan Stacy Baiman Taliaferro. You can call me 'Sue'. In all actuality I will answer to just about anything but 'Sue' seems easiest and most straightforward.

This is my new job. My new life. If you came here from my existing blog http:moreyarnforme.blogspot.com then you are well aware of this change. For those who haven't read my earlier stuff here's the short version. I was recently laid off from my job in a wholesale food warehouse. Now, I am starting out as an independant designer. Of knitwear and knitting patterns.

This blog is devoted to that endeaver. I am currently working on a number of designs. The first few will be submitted to Knitty.com. Unfortunately, I can't show my designs here before I submit them.

Even as I am working on some things that I can't discuss I will also be working through themes, issues, design elements, and just working on the many aspects of my craft. So, I am sure I will have plenty of things to discuss.

One of the avenues I am starting to explore is working with the local yarn shops, their proprieters, and their customers. With that in mind I will be first introducing you to these wonderful places.

So, welcome on this journey with me. It should be a fun ride (hopefully not too bumpy). Our next stop will be the Yarn Garden in Carlisle, PA. (Please keep all hands and arms inside while the ride is in motion.)

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